Thursday, November 4, 2010 Questions and Answers

Is a scam or legitimate business? is a legitimate business and they are NOT a scam. This company has been around for several years giving people free cars to drive. My sister drives a toyota camry with gatorade logo ads. They run commercial ads on television and they pay people to drive their ads for businesses nationwide. I see these cars on the freeways all the time. I would highly recommend this company, becuase they have a solid reputation in the advertising and marketing.

FREEADCARS.COM gave me a honda accord to drive,  I want to trade vehicles with a another member. I want a charger or camry. I love because the pay me on time, but i just want to switch to a dodge charger or ford explorer. They told me I could contact another member and trade. Anyone interested?

I had the same situation. I had a scion truck, before i got a camaro from  All you have to do is tell the vehicle is having battery problems and they will exchange the car for you with no problems. Just tell them its a electrical issue and they have to exchange the vehicle. Me and another friend of mine both used that excuse and we were able to get different cars. I would trade with you but I'd rather keep the camaro. Trust me, take my advice they will exchange the vehicle for you. has T.V. commercials, they really give free cars away?
Hey everyone is right has tv commercials giving away free cars. I think there you?

Of coarse their legit, they do mobile marketing and advertising. They pay you to drive their vehicles to get exposure for companies like red bull, snapple, tropicana, etc. They pay you like 2 or 3 thousand a month to drive the cars with ads. I used to drive a chrysler 300 for freeadcars around 4 years ago. They use to pay me like 1800 a month, but they pay alot more now I see. This is the only company I know that pays this great with free gas and insurance. The advertising companies make alot more money because they get the marketing exposure. They advertise on the radio, tv, billboards, bus stops, chatrooms, i mean this company is the best. They always pay on-time too!

Has anyone worked for

This company put me in a new chevy malibu ss and i love it and I make $3100 each month for the last 6 months. They have excellent customer service and the best part is you can change your vehicle at anytime.

Is legit or scam?

Legit. I drive a scion and get paid $700 a week, basically $2800 a month. This company has helped me pay my bills every month. People just dont understand the advertising concept and miss out on such an amazing opportunity. There service is very professional and they pay me every week.